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“We bought this for our old man Merle (8 years old), I work offshore and he was having trouble dealing with me home for 28 days and then gone for 28 days. This has helped him relax and not be anxious at the house. He moves a little better getting out of one of his 2 beds, he is our little Prince and these have improved his everyday life. Been using for about 2 weeks. 1 dose in the morning with his breakfast. Wife and I have noticed a positive difference.”


“I love this stuff.. relieves my stress quickly- will buy again.”

Caleb Bahr

“These gummies have a great taste. They also don’t hit you like a truck all of a sudden like other gummies I have tried. It’s a smooth mellow without any noticeable side effects. Love these and use them every day.”

Sue Y

“Works With me in relieving pain and allowing sleep.Just bought more”

Bunk McCullough

“These are perfect for my evening use – relieving soreness from exercise & falling asleep quickly.”

Hilly B

“I love these gummies! They have a nice texture to them and they work wonders with helping me sleep. They also help a lot with my anxiety too. Go buy ‘em!!”

Jon Wesley

“I love these gummies. I have this problem of waking up at 3 or 4 I’m the morning and it was effecting my energy for the rest of the day. Since I started taking these at bed time, I’ve fallen asleep easily and slept great.”

Susan Taylor

“I have been taking these gummies for a couple of weeks now and my sleep has never been better. The lavender taste in the gummy is a little different but these work so well that I don’t mind it at all. I am feeling some improvement in my mood which is a bonus. I highly recommend you try these if you want to relax and sleep well.”

Bunk McCullough

“This supplement has earned my daily use: immune boosting mushroom extracts, rich in vitamin C with high CBD content. Great value for the $. I enjoy the calming effect.”

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